2011 Yashi Exhibition Concludes Victory

Kinwell Company in20115month17-20day, we took part again.2011Guangzhou elegant exhibition.

exhibition, the company exhibited the three-roll calender and8meter setting table attracts many visitors to stop and inquire about product performance. Targeted in-depth understanding of the company's ultra-soft

glass( SPVC)production line,EVAsolar adhesive film,PVBglass laminated film production line; AndPP/PS, PETsheet production line,PC, PMMA,

GPPS,PETmature technologies of transparent plate production line, such as door and window profiles, wood plastic and foam profiles.

Jinwell Company not only pays attention to the research and development of new products, but also pays attention to the technical optimization of mature products, so that the equipment has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, high output and low energy consumption, and

continuously optimize product design to make its operation more humanized and equipment more automated.

CHINAPLASthis platform, Kinwell Company has demonstrated its strong comprehensive strength and technological innovation capability in synchronization with the world to domestic and foreign customers, and has achieved excellent publicity effects.