warmly welcome Wang Jianfeng, Secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee, to visit our company

, it was sunny and sunny. Wang Jianfeng, secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee, led members of the leadership team to Jinwell Company to inspect and investigate the work. He listened carefully to the work reports of our company's two general managers, Comrade Sun Fenglin and Comrade Zhou Bing. He affirmed the achievements made by Jinwell Company in 2014, especially the environmental protection stone paper production line and XPS carbon dioxide foam board production line recently developed by our company, as well as the solar photovoltaic industry with EVA film production line, 3C electronic products and electric vehicles with lithium battery diaphragm production line, etc., is the industry leader. Colleagues affirmed the concept of high standards, high quality and high output that Jinwell Company has always adhered. Secretary Wang is very optimistic about the future of Jinwell Company. Jinwell people also remember Secretary Wang's instructions, not arrogant or impetuous, pay close attention to the quality of product details, win by quality, and are well-known.